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Standard Kombi Comfort Minibus
Initial Charge:7zł
Per 1 km (miasto/za miasto):2,0 zł / 3,0 zł
Night, Saturdays and holidays:2,4 zł
Rush hours:2,4 zł
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Initial Charge:14zł
Per 1 km (miasto/za miasto):2,0 zł / 3,0 zł
Night, Saturdays and holidays:2,4 zł
Rush hours:2,4 zł
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Initial Charge:14zł
Per 1 km (miasto/za miasto):2,0 zł / 3,0 zł
Night, Saturdays and holidays:2,4 zł
Rush hours:2,4 zł
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Initial Charge:27zł
Per 1 km (miasto/za miasto):2,0 zł / 3,0 zł
Night, Saturdays and holidays:2,4 zł
Rush hours:2,4 zł
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Our app is user-friendly! Simply choose the starting and ending addresses, the car standard that suits you, and within a few minutes, a taxi will arrive at the designated address.

  • Payment by card in the app
  • 5% refund from each order saved for a free ride
  • Fast taxi booking
  • Taxi arrival at an exactly specified time
  • Calculation of the cost of the ride
  • Order history, additional services, possibility to select an address from the map.


Our benefits

Getting around Warsaw

As befits the capital, Warsaw is a highly developed city that attracts students, tourists, and citizens from Europe and various Polish voivodeships. Every day, thousands of residents get stuck in traffic, anxiously watching the clock to avoid being late for work or school. Getting around such a large and crowded city can be quite troublesome, even if we consider ourselves good drivers. In such a situation, OptiTaxi - a taxi in Warsaw - is an interesting solution.

Public transportation

One-way roads, crowded streets, overcrowded parking lots, and bursting two-lane avenues are the result of inadequate transportation solutions. Of course, there are alternatives in the form of public transport, but traveling by metro, tram, or bus does not guarantee much comfort for most passengers.

Taxi in Warsaw

In such a situation, OptiTaxi - a taxi in Warsaw - is an interesting solution. OptiTaxi can boast a huge number of advantageous offers. During a daytime or nighttime ride, you can easily find a tariff that will take you to the designated address. Thanks to a taxi, Warsaw becomes a much easier and more pleasant place to travel.

Professional driversOur drivers have excellent knowledge of the city, which allows for a smooth journey to the destination.
AvailabilityWe are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Clear rules AS THE ONLY ONES, we provide the exact cost of the ride at the time of ordering by the passenger.
ComfortDynamic development allows us to keep up with the times and introduce new features to our offer, to ensure comfort.


Thanks to our taxi service, Warsaw becomes a much easier and more enjoyable place to travel. We are a company that puts the highest satisfaction of our customers, as well as the experience and high personal culture of our employees, first.

Our offer makes cheap taxi rides in Warsaw a reality! As the only company in the capital city, we provide the price of the transportation service at the time of booking, without any hidden costs.

Safe and comfortable journey

With us, the journey is quick, efficient and safe. We are available 24 hours every day of the week. For your greater convenience, we have 4 different tariffs: standard, station wagon, business and minibus. Depending on your needs, choose the appropriate means of transport. Are you using a tablet or smartphone? If so, download our app for Android or iOS devices to book a taxi quickly and conveniently. Thanks to our application, you no longer have to enter the phrase "Warsaw taxi" into the search engine!

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Taxi cab in Warsaw

The dense road network in Warsaw and the huge traffic intensity during rush hours definitely do not make life easier for either residents of this extraordinary city or visitors. Public transport helps to deal with increasingly long traffic jams, but not everyone can use it in emergency situations. If you want to move around Warsaw quickly and comfortably, leaving the worries about finding a free parking space at home, our taxi offer in Warsaw was created especially for you! Not everyone is aware of the numerous advantages that a taxi provides. Cheap Warsaw is becoming a fact - thanks to the Opti Taxi offer, you can quickly reach any point in the city, reducing transport costs to a minimum. Tens of thousands of people come to the capital in search of better living conditions. Tourists also come here in droves, intrigued by the richness of history, cultural offer and natural values of the wild section of the capital Vistula. In October, traffic in the city experiences a real boom due to the arrival of students. This is when offers such as a night taxi become especially important. Regardless of the nature of the demand, a cheap Warsaw taxi is an extremely necessary service for efficient communication around the capital. Opti Taxi is a company created taking into account the needs of various customer groups. Our team employs professional drivers with many years of experience in serving business clients, night transport, and relocation transport. Opti Taxi Warsaw is a company with an established reputation in the capital and surrounding towns. With us you will get to any place on time, and the service is ordered using a user-friendly application. Thanks to a huge network of drivers ready to accept orders, we are able to pick you up from a selected district of Warsaw within a few minutes. We guarantee a safe taxi ride, regardless of traffic conditions or the season. We follow all hygiene measures recommended by the Ministry of Health, which is especially important during the period of increased incidence of Covid. Opti Taxi makes our beautiful Warsaw an excellent choice for all sightseeing enthusiasts and for people pursuing their business interests here. Traveling around the city has never been so easy. By using a taxi in Warsaw as part of the Opti Taxi offer, you do not have to worry about being late due to roadworks or traffic jams. Opti Taxi drivers have thorough knowledge of the city's topography. Even during the busiest hours, they will be able to find an effective detour and get you to your destination at the indicated time. Opti Taxi stands out from competing offers due to the comprehensiveness of the services provided and its unique approach to the customer. The pillars of our activity remain a friendly atmosphere, individual approach, and price transparency. People ordering taxis in Warsaw are often surprised by the high prices of this type of services, which they only learn about after the order has been completed. At Opti Taxi, we do not agree with this approach - with us, every customer is aware of the total price of transport at the moment of placing an order in the application. After confirming the necessary data, you can safely wait for our taxi to arrive at your house. Until recently, cheap Warsaw was only a dream. Thanks to us, you can reduce the costs of moving around the capital while maintaining the highest level of comfort.

Cheap taxi Warsaw – how to order?

Opti Taxi is the quintessence of the quality that a taxi should provide. Warsaw has never been cheap, which is often emphasized by people who come here permanently. This does not mean, however, that you cannot save money in the capital. We created Opti Taxi so that transport around the city is not associated with wasting time when using public transport, or with huge expenses on fuel and parking fees that are associated with the use of a private car. From today, a fast and safe taxi ride remains available to anyone who decides to use our offer. For people ordering taxis, Warsaw appears as a melting pot of various offers with varying degrees of usefulness. Progressing digitalization requires taxi companies to adapt to new realities and create a system in which organizing a taxi will not be troublesome. Opti Taxi responded to these needs as one of the first companies in Warsaw. We have prepared a convenient and quick application for you, thanks to which you can quickly place travel orders regardless of the time of day. Both day and night taxis are now within the reach of every Opti Taxi app user.

The Opti Taxi Warszawa application requires the ordering party to provide several basic parameters of the order. With us, you can indicate the starting and destination address, which is the basis for determining the price of the trip. Next, you enter the car standard and then confirm your order by making a card payment from the application itself. After finalizing your taxi booking, our driver will pick you up from the specified location within a few minutes or at the time specified in the order.

Each order in the Opti Taxi Warszawa application triggers a promotion in the form of a 5% deduction for a free trip. The application interface also allows you to check your order history.

Night taxi in Warsaw

Nightlife in Warsaw never dies down. You will experience its greatest intensity in the summer months, when the Vistula boulevards are filled with pedestrians and the sound of music from all over the world can be heard from nearby restaurants. However, also in the winter months, the attention of students and tourists is attracted by the rich offer of discos, cinemas, theaters and atmospheric restaurants. If you want to taste delicious local dishes accompanied by high-quality wine, transport by your own car is not an option. There is no point in looking for efficient public transport late at night. This gap is successfully filled by the night taxi offer at Opti Taxi. The order fulfillment process is no different from daily orders. The Opti Taxi Warszawa application works regardless of the time of day, allowing you to order a taxi from any place in the capital.

The attractive night tariff at Opti Taxi encourages you to abandon your car and indulge in the unique atmosphere of the capital's nightlife. We encourage you to experience the great comfort and safety that night taxi Warsaw guarantees. Cheap transport in the capital has become a fact. Opti Taxi is a place where you can place a quick transport order with the guarantee of the lowest price on the market.

Cheap taxi to the Warsaw airport

The offer described by the slogan "cheap taxi Warsaw" also covers the transport of people to any airport in the capital. Warsaw Chopin Airport hosts millions of people every year. The vast majority of them use taxi services that offer the best price-quality ratio. For people ordering our taxi, Warsaw is the destination of a tourist or business trip, or to return home after a holiday abroad. Leaving your car for several days in one of the airport parking lots generates huge costs that are disproportionate to the benefits achieved. We recommend our services to the inhabitants of the capital, which are not only convenient, but above all cheap. Taxi Warszawa's airport package includes transport of people and luggage. If you want to transport cargo of non-standard dimensions, you can use specially prepared vehicles that you select from the application. Cheap taxis to the Warsaw airport are considered a basic element of the city's communication infrastructure. At Opti Taxi, we make every effort to ensure that the entire transport runs smoothly and comfortably. The Opti Taxi vehicle fleet consists only of new cars, adapted for regular and business transport.

You will get to the airport without unnecessary stress about being late. You can order a taxi in advance or at the so-called last call. Our proposal for a cheap taxi to the Warsaw airport is particularly interesting, considering the low cost of the service, safety and predictability. We are not afraid of difficult road conditions, traffic jams or renovation works. We will always find the optimal route for you that will allow you to reach your destination at the expected time.

Taxi Warsaw cheap offer for everyone

At the Opti Taxi taxi company, we do not tolerate any compromise on quality. We want our clients to be fully aware of how much they mean to us. We constantly improve our services and listen to the opinions of application users. We are very pleased with the opportunity to cooperate with people from a full cross-section of society. Opti Taxi is an optimal solution for private and business clients, distinguished by quality, low travel prices and an excellent mobile application that gives you complete control over the execution of the order.