Roadside assistance

Roadside assistance services in Warsaw and surrounding areas


I Weekday, 8:00-18:00, TAXI zone I 130 PLN  2,50 PLN
II Weekday, 18:00-8:00, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays I TAXI zone 170 PLN 2,50 PLN
III Weekday, 8:00-18:00, TAXI zone II 170 PLN 5,40 PLN
IV Weekday, 18:00-8:00, Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays zone II 170 PLN 5,40 PLN



Waiting time +PLN 50 per hour
Towing a car with a disabled wheel +PLN 50 for each wheel
Re-starting the car  PLN 41 
Wheel replacement/inflating  PLN 36 
Fuel delivery  PLN 46 

Attention! The price of the service given when ordering is based on the customer's description and may change due to actual verification of the existing situation.

Prices of services during periods of high demand (New Year's Day, mass events, weather breakdowns) may increase, but the customer will invariably receive the exact price before the trip.

Rapid roadside assistance in Warsaw

Your car broke down on the road and you need towing? Or maybe you have run out of petrol in your tank and are interested in fuel delivery in Warsaw or the surrounding area? In such cases, you will need professional roadside assistance. Opti Taxi guarantees quick arrival on site and effective assistance in case of vehicle problems. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays, weekends and non-working days. We guarantee effective, inexpensive and instant towing of the vehicle by taxi, starting the car, minor repairs and fuel delivery. We operate in the capital and surrounding towns.

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When reporting by phone, our consultant will determine the location of the incident and the scale of the problem, and then immediately send help. We guarantee immediate response to notifications and punctual arrival at the site. We also provide professional service on site. We have the appropriate vehicles, tools and skills, which allow us to successfully complete each order. We approach each report and client individually. We carefully check whether the fault can be repaired on site or the car can be started. If this is not possible, we tow the vehicle to the place indicated by the customer, e.g. to a parking lot, garage or workshop. We also provide professional advice on possible causes of faults.

Reliable car re-starting – Warsaw and surroundings

You can't start your car and you urgently need to go to an important meeting, work or pick up your child from kindergarten? The most common cause of battery discharge is not turning off the lights or poor battery condition, which usually manifests itself on frosty days. In such cases, Opti Taxi will help you. Starting the car by our employees is quick and effective. Contact us and our nearest driver will come and help you start your vehicle. Starting a car with cables in Warsaw by a competent specialist takes a few minutes. After this time you can move on.

Our drivers have jumper cables and other devices for emergency starting the car. It might seem that the car starting service is not complicated and you can do it yourself. But do you know where to connect the wires first - to the recipient's or donor's battery? Does it have to be done with the engine running or turned off? You don't need to know anything about it - just trust the specialists from Opti Taxi. Cable starting is a service very often performed by our drivers. Experience and knowledge ensure professionalism, effectiveness and safety of operation - all activities are performed with precision, without damage to the vehicle.

We have high-quality battery cables with optimal thickness and good-quality hooks. Cheap products available at gas stations may burn faster than they charge the battery. When you decide to use our services, you can be sure that we will start your car with cables using only professional equipment.

Safe car towing – Warsaw

Has your car stopped working and doesn't want to go any further? You can always count on us. Instead of wasting time renting a car tow truck and paying high costs for travel to, for example, a car repair shop, use our services. We offer efficient and safe towing of your car in Warsaw and the surrounding area to the place of your choice. Depending on your requirements, we will transport the vehicle to a parking lot, to your home, to a car service or any other place.

We have a fleet of vehicles appropriately prepared for towing and meeting the appropriate technical requirements. Our taxis are equipped with reliable tow hooks. They have powerful engines, thanks to which we are able to safely and efficiently transport even large vehicles. We arrive at the site perfectly prepared. We have everything necessary for transporting vehicles: towing ropes of appropriate length and strength adapted to the weight of the transported machine, a rigid tow and warning triangles. Thanks to this, you can be sure that the towing of your car in Warsaw will be carried out in a professional, effective and safe way.

Towing requires appropriate action not only by the towing party, but also by the driver of the damaged vehicle. If you have never experienced a similar situation, don't be afraid - we will provide you with the necessary tips on proper driving behavior while driving. Thanks to this, the cooperation will be completely safe and effective, which will allow you to quickly enjoy the vehicle transported to your destination.

Fuel delivery in Warsaw with Opti Taxi

Ran out of gas on the road? Such situations can happen to anyone. They are not always the result of driver distraction. Sometimes the cause may be a failure of sensors that do not indicate that the fuel is running out, or sometimes even the theft of gasoline by a thief while parked. Regardless of the reasons for the breakdown, Opti Taxi will always help you. You don't have to waste time looking for the nearest gas station to fill the canister and return to the stopped vehicle. Just contact us and our driver will deliver the fuel to you in no time.

Thanks to our help, you don't have to leave your car in a random place. This is a dangerous situation - when you go looking for diesel or gasoline, your vehicle may be exposed to more serious threats. Fuel delivery by our taxi is the best solution when you need to quickly refill your tank and set off on your journey. It is also irreplaceable when you have a child traveling with you and you cannot leave it alone in the car and at the same time you do not want to take it with you on the way to the gas station.

We provide fuel delivery in Warsaw and the surrounding area. We guarantee arrival at any time of the day or night. With us, you don't have to worry about how long the problem will last because we work very quickly. Our driver will be at your place within a dozen or so minutes of contacting you by phone. It will fill the tank enough for you to safely and comfortably reach the nearest station.