Advertising on Opti Taxi cabs

Offer of advertising space on taxi cars in Warsaw

Advertising on Taxi cars is a simple and effective way of presenting your company.

Taxis travel hundreds of kilometers every day and transport dozens of passengers in the city center. Thanks to its high mobility and visibility, the car banner reaches a wide audience. A taxi driver with advertising appears wherever traditional advertising is either impossible or very expensive.

The offer applies to advertising space on the rear window of an OPTI taxi. A large number of cars cooperating with OPTI, handling thousands of orders and operating throughout the entire Warsaw agglomeration allow us to reach a wide range of recipients.
Our advantages :
  • over 200 cars with the OPTI logo and available for advertising in Warsaw
  • low price - PLN 200 net/car/month
  • possibility of adapting the offer to your expectations - cooperation from 10 branded cars

Please contact us regarding the offer via e-mail : [email protected]


Outdoor forms of advertising are currently experiencing a renaissance in their popularity. Entrepreneurs notice the undeniable effectiveness of advertising, which always remains in place and influences the awareness of passers-by. However, the huge prices of advertising space near main city arteries significantly limit the availability of large-format advertising. In this context, taxi advertising appears to be an excellent alternative to large banner advertisements.

Taxi advertising is gaining importance. Companies interested in reaching the largest possible audience with their marketing message highly value the space of a taxi vehicle. For a small fraction of the price of a banner, you can ensure multi-week exposure of your logo throughout the city. Taxi advertising does not generate traditional space restrictions. You don't have to worry about giant prints that cost a fortune.

The taxi moves in the center of events. Opti Taxi vehicles cover hundreds of kilometers around Warsaw every day. By placing an advertisement on Opti Taxi cars, you gain a durable medium on which you can easily fit the most important information about your company. Advertising in taxis fulfills its functions whenever the vehicle sets off on a route. The veneer made of durable foil remains resistant to weather conditions, maintaining its original appearance throughout the entire period of use.

Reklama w taxi – Opti Taxi

We suggest placing any advertisement on our cars. We provide taxi space for covering with graphic elements that will help you attract additional customers to your company. Advertising in a taxi will always be with us throughout the entire contract period. The fleet of Opti Taxi vehicles carries out dozens of orders every day, which translates into the attractiveness of the car advertising proposed here.

Advertising on our company's taxis takes the form of permanent brand promotion. The effects are visible after the first few weeks of use. Entrepreneurs who decided to cooperate with us emphasize the effectiveness of taxi advertising in terms of increasing income and reducing marketing costs. Taxi advertising will never ruin your budget. We have favorable price packages, which definitely makes us stand out from other offers on the market.

Opti Taxi has adopted a multi-faceted business model. We see the enormous potential of taxi advertising. The Warsaw market is full of companies that have a big problem standing out from the competition. These types of entities particularly need cheap and effective methods to improve brand recognition. For a service such as taxi advertising, the price list should never be overwhelming for the entrepreneur. At Opti Taxi, we have made every effort to ensure that your promotional goals are compatible with budgetary conditions.

Advertising in taxis – what should a taxi ad contain?

For taxi advertising to be a successful investment, you need to ensure that you have the right message in attractive graphics. This is a task for designers of advertising media who reliably perform the tasks entrusted to them. Opti Taxi is a taxi company in Warsaw that has a history of fruitful cooperation with companies from a wide range of economic sectors. Therefore, we can offer some suggestions that will help increase the effectiveness of the message.

First of all, remember about the elegant composition of the logo and company name, which should be the first to reach the recipients' awareness. Avoid using fancy fonts and ensure proper contrast between the text and other graphic elements. Advertising in a taxi does not give you much time to read the message. Therefore, passers-by must quickly read the information on the advertisement. Also remember to provide your contact details or website address. Legibility and visual attractiveness - these are the pillars of excellent advertising on taxis.

Outdoor taxi advertising – is it worth it?

We are convinced that advertising on an Opti Taxi taxi will be a perfect complement to your marketing efforts. If you are interested in our advertising on taxis, you will learn the price list after contacting Opti Taxi specialists. We provide competitive prices that cannot be found among our competitors. Opti Taxi in Warsaw is a modern transport company. We specialize in passenger transport; we also act as a city courier in the capital. Advertisements placed on our vehicles will always be in motion, traveling along the busiest arteries in Warsaw.

Please contact us. Together, we will determine the scope of the taxi advertising service, thanks to which you will significantly increase your local influence.