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We offer a wide range of luggage transport services.
We have access to many different cars in our database.
We offer services in Warsaw, Poland and the entire European Union.

Cargo services

We will be happy to provide luggage transport services and bring furniture from stores such as IKEA, Black Red White or Agata Mebli. We will help you transport building materials from Castorama, Leroy Merlin, Bricoman and other stores. We provide services on time, carefully and, as always, with a price known in advance.

I Weekday, 6:00-22:00 PLN 65 (including 3 km) PLN 2,50
II Weekday, 22:00-6:00, Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays, zone I PLN 65 (including 3 km) PLN 3,00
III Weekday, 6:00-22:00, zone II PLN 65 (including 3 km) PLN 3,50
IV Weekday, 22:00-6:00, Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays zone II PLN 65 (including 3 km) PLN 5,00

Trips over 100 km - the route is counted in both directions (return trip included in the price).

Driver assistance +PLN 50 per hour
Driver assistance + 1 person to help + PLN 100 per hour
Driver assistance + 2 persons to help + PLN 150 per hour
Parking the car without driver assistance + PLN 60 per hour


Removal services

We will be happy to provide a moving service, we will disassemble the furniture, pack it into boxes, carry it, transport it, carry it in, unpack it, assemble it and arrange it. We provide services in Warsaw, Masovian Voivodeship, throughout Poland and Europe.

PLN 180 (including 1 hour) PLN 3
The price includes: provision of a luggage car with a driver and 1 person to help, 1 transport trolley, furniture protection
During the service: a team (2 people) carries, screws, disassembles and secures things in the car
Fare according to the luggage service price list

Net prices.

Prices of services during periods of high demand (New Year's Day, mass events, weather breakdowns) may increase, but the customer will invariably receive the exact price before the trip.


Cargo taxi Warsaw

If you need to transport a significant amount of things in Warsaw, we have an interesting proposition for you. The luggage taxi offer is becoming increasingly popular, but many people are still unaware of its existence. Meanwhile, a luggage taxi in Warsaw may be the best remedy for many problems encountered by people trying to transport large items. Removal companies often demand exorbitant amounts of money for their services, which puts a big question mark on the feasibility of such solutions. Dismantling things and making several trips in a private car also remains an economically questionable option. A cheap luggage taxi is therefore an option that appears as an optimal package for everyone interested in transporting goods in the capital and surrounding areas. Opti Taxi drivers will not only transport your valuable items, but will also load and unload them at the destination. The order fulfillment process has never been so simple. All you need to do is use our application and place the appropriate instructions. After providing the basic parameters of the order, you will receive a specific price offer. Luggage transport is considered by Warsaw to be an integral element of the city's service infrastructure. Transport services are sought after by both business clients and private individuals who are in the process of moving. Cheap luggage taxi is a professional offer, prepared to handle the transport of large-sized home furnishings, expensive electronic equipment, ceramics or works of art. Our drivers will help you properly secure items during transport, using modern fastening solutions and durable protective materials. We provide our services 24/7. Opti Taxi customers describe us as the cheapest luggage taxi. Warsaw is full of challenges for companies offering their transport services. Most of them are concentrated around heavy traffic, which extends travel time on the most crowded streets. We perfectly understand the value of time and respect the commitment made. Our drivers have excellent knowledge of the topography of city arteries and streets, which allows them to avoid traffic jams more effectively and reach the indicated location on time. Warsaw requires, above all, transparency, safety and speed of operation from the service package known as a luggage taxi. Opti Taxi more than meets these requirements, which constitute the pillars of our offer. Thanks to this, we can be proud of the reputation our luggage taxis have gained. Warsaw will not sell leather cheaply and constantly provides us with new challenges. We are prepared for all eventualities, and Opti Taxi transport vehicles are reliable and fully technically prepared.

Luggage taxi Warsaw – for whom offer addressed to?

Luggage transport in Warsaw has so far been carried out only by large moving companies, whose business model forced them to impose high prices. Moreover, finding a date for the service often required the customer to wait several days for the driver to arrive. Opti Taxi Bagażowe Warszawa reverses this trend by 180 degrees, offering cheap transport services and quick delivery times. Our offer is intended for anyone who needs to transport various types of items to any place in the capital. However, it is worth remembering that luggage taxi in Warsaw does not only provide moving services. The service of a luggage taxi coming to your home in Warsaw provides unlimited development opportunities. Our clients often include people who need transport of unusual items to the airport. Transporting a bicycle by bus or regular taxi is usually impossible. With us, you can achieve even such goals, and to finalize the order, you only need to set the appropriate parameters in the application. There are no secrets for drivers operating vehicles generally referred to as luggage taxis in Warsaw. We transport luggage in Warsaw while respecting all safety rules, taking into account the enormous value of the transported items.

Our offer includes Luggage Taxi Warsaw - the price list deserves a separate mention. We position ourselves as an alternative to moving companies, working much faster and offering better pricing packages. Cheap removals in Warsaw provided by Opti Taxi are a great option for students who change their place of residence quite often. Instead of calling your friends and organizing a group of several cars to transport your belongings from your apartment, we encourage you to experience the convenience guaranteed by the work of our drivers. We offer professionally prepared luggage taxis. Warsaw cheap and effective? Yes, thanks to Opti Taxi it is possible! Budget transport of goods in the capital becomes a fact for people who decide to use our Luggage Taxi Warsaw service.

Cargo taxi Warsaw price list

Are you looking for the most economical goods transport service in Warsaw? You care about short delivery times, but you don't want to spend a fortune on a moving company? Opti Taxi is an excellent choice for anyone who is not indifferent to the outflow of cash from their wallet. Prices of services in Warsaw are skyrocketing, which we are trying to effectively counteract. Thanks to the services provided by Opti Taxi Bagażowe, Warsaw can become an even more friendly place for students or residents struggling with the challenges of moving. We have created a price list for the transport of goods, personalized in terms of numerous order parameters. What's more, you will know the transport price when placing the order. Regardless of whether you want to transport electronic equipment, musical instruments, furniture, bicycles or tourist luggage with us, we will prepare an individual offer for you. Luggage taxi Warsaw price list - the capital has accustomed its citizens to the exorbitant costs of living, so we are not surprised by these words entered so often in popular search engines. Opti Taxi makes transporting luggage in Warsaw easier and cheaper, while maintaining the same level of comfort.

The cheapest cargo taxi in Warsaw

Cargo taxi Warsaw - an offer for everyone who values convenience, time saving and low cost of the service. Warsaw and local customers expect a combination of high-quality service with a competitive price list from companies offering luggage transport. Opti Taxi brings these expectations to life, enjoying an impeccable reputation as the cheapest luggage taxi. Warsaw is the main place of our business, but we can also easily transport your things to nearby cities, such as Piaseczno, Józefów, or Legionowo. We encourage you to use the Opti Taxi application, which in itself is a valuable tool for customers. We are open to any suggestions and non-standard orders. Opti Taxi is a company with traditions where luggage taxi services in Warsaw reach a new level of quality and personalization to the needs of various customer groups.